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Current News.

Radio Talk Show of Boys on        Girl Child Education

The radio talk show that hosted Members of Girls In School Initiative Uganda took place on Saturday 20th August 2016 from 10:00am to 12:00pm hosted by Voice of Africa Radio a local Luganda channel in Kampala Uganda airing on 92.3fm frequency with the presenter being Princes Summayya Nsangi Naluwembe on a weekly youth program called ‘Konoweeka’ (a word from a Luganda Proverb which means the baby or something you are to carry, you should not wait for it to be smeared with mud/dust).

The topic of discussion was, Girl Child Education: What’s the role of boys?

GISI was represented by the CEO & founder Magezi Bashir, the Head Programs and Projects Sekamwa Hussein, the Assistant Media and Communications Specialist Ssenyonjo Umar.

Below is an Audio Clip. (In Luganda, English-translated one will be out soon. 

The First Talk-Show On Girl Child Education.
Girls In School Initiative (What is the Role of Boys)

A new program The Debate Competition has been launched.

The 1st Annual Pupils Debate Competition on Girl Child Education will take place in June 2017. Details will be posted soon.

GISI is in final stages of guaranteeing a working relationship with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Uganda, and the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Will soon update you please.

New working partnership with the Innovation Village Kampala.

GISI has entered into a partnership with the Innovation Village Kampala to correct like minds into building new ideas that foster the development of alternative education in Uganda.

And this is through the Innovation Education Lab which is currently led by Magezi Bashir (the founder and CEO) Girls In School Initiative.

This partnership will entail bringing together Schools, Government entities, and other Stake holders including institutions and individuals to think of practical ways through which the education in class (at school as a whole) can be turned into practical and scalable business opportunities right there and then.

Upcoming Events & Timelines

Note: If you happen to find interest in attending any of our events or the events we are partnering in, please just contact us here.

Past Timelines

The 2nd Boy-Talk Moment on Girl Child Education.

The Boy-Talk Moment. Is a community engagement program that involves Men and Boys meeting over a cup of tea on an evening to discuss issues concerning Girl Child Education and what initiatives they can the undertake or engage in to further their commitments, these meeting are conducted on a monthly basis from community to community. For event details by end an email to [email protected]


Deadline for submission of Art Project Entries.


GISI will be presenting at the Idea Café at the Innovation Village Kampala about how Humanitarian Assistance can be used for social good and prosperity. Details here.


GISI in partnership with the Education Lab at the Innovation Village Kampala will be convening the 2nd Education Meet-up to discuss about Alternative Education through Innovation. Details can be found here.


The Boy Talk Moment.


A Girl at School documenting.


Announcement of Winners for the Art Competition.

6th/June/2016. Open call for Submissions to the 1st Annual Students’ Art Competition on Girl Child Education.

11th/June/2016. The Innovation Education Meet-up in Partnership with the Innovation Village Kampala.

Past Events & Activitives


Hosting at Voice of Africa FM. On the program of Youth to talk about the Girl Child Education in the minds of Boys helping.

GISI and partners are gearing up for the Opening of the call for submissions of the Students Art Competition on Girl Child Education. On 6th/June 2016. 

INEE Global Meet-Up, January 2016 And Global Consultation on the EiE Common Platform.
Please follow this link for details about the Event

Joining the #EndChildTrafficking Movie Screening for May 24th 2016.

GISI has joined with the 

#EndChildTrafficking Campaign to hold a Public Screening of the Girl Rising Movie in Kampala Uganda on 24th/May/2016 at the National Cultural Center Auditorium (National Theater).

This event will also be hosting the Official Launch of the 1st Students’ Art Competition on Girl Child Education 2016.

Girls In School Initiative has be hosted at the Wise Initiative Website as one of the Projects that support Education through engaging all relevant stake holders. here 

GISI is partnering up with HIAS (a refugee support Organisation) to undertake a project to educatively engage the refugee children in Uganda with telling their story through art. Details will be posted soon.

Our New members on board.

We at GISI are very much delighted to let you know about our progressive news.

  1. We have new team members joining us,
  1. Najib Nsubuga
  2. Bryan Ngozi
  3. Suzan Gweth 

Join Us. 

By looking through the GISI Principles of ERC (Enrollment, Retention and Completion), Mission, objectives, approach and work, there is a variety of ways through which every one in which capacity can join and work with us.

  • Volunteer with us.

There are two ways of volunteering with Girls In School Initiative;

1. Online Volunteering. Visit our page on UN Online Volunteers Website for details. Click link.

2. Resident Volunteers.

There are quite many ways through which resident volunteers can take part in supporting Girls to stay in school through GISI,

  • Organizing practical competitions on the ground. This involves the general organisation, planning, execution monitoring and evaluation of all the student completions that runs annually, details of the competitions can be found at the Our Work Page or click here, its through;
  • Competition theme selections.
  • Publicity of the competitions.
  • Participation schools selections.
  • Competition guidelines planning and timeline management.
  • Reviewing of the participants’ submissions and selections of the winners.
  • Awards and gifts selections.
  • Awarding of the winners ceremonies organisations and planning.
  • Evaluations of the competitions.
  • Working with partners, in selections and reviewing.
  • Organisation and management of the community centered advocacy programs. ‘The Boys’ Voice’. This involves the periodic planning, organisation, monitoring and evaluations of the community dialogues, it’s through;
  • Theme selection and organisation.
  • Participant selections and invitations.
  • Community centered management and involvement.
  • Event publicity and marketing.
  • Working with partners, in selections and reviewing.
  • Logistics management.
  • Online streaming and internet based advocacy and publicity.
  • Supporting and manning all campaigns into which GISI takes part.
  • Working with partners of GISI.
  • Project management.
  • Administration.
  • Expertise support to GISI.
  • Monitoring and evaluations of the programs and projects of GISI.
  • And good will ambassadorships.

Benefits to the volunteers.

  1. Free modest accommodation near the office premises.
  2. Free feeding (three meals a day) local meals.
  3. Project related transport with in the country.
  4. Airport pick up and dropping.
  5. All project related expenses.
  6. Visa documents related support.

What we don’t provide.

  1. Volunteer travel expenses from home country.
  2. Medical insurance.
  3. Personal expenses.
  4. Visa payments.

For other inquiries, please email us at [email protected].

Interested volunteers can fill the form here.