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Girls In School Initiative. 

"Education of a Girl Child is a vital factor in dealing with the root causes of poverty and Underdevelopment." UN Resident Coordinator-Uganda.

Many talk about it, many see it important, many have done something to it, many have succeeded, and many have found it interesting and to MANY, like us ‘the boys’ it’s worthy an investment. And it has pushed us to starting up this boy-led initiative to support girl child education.

What to be done is a lot in many more avenues and ways, hence any one can do anything anywhere, anytime, with any available resource at his/her disposal and in any pursuable capability. A by passer near a road-cross can help a young school cross the road, and a wealthy tycoon can support a school being built somewhere, and a policy maker, designs to what is needed most.

Girls In School Initiative is a boy-led and boy-run organisation that brings up the boys’ support for the Girl Child’s Education, the gender disparities in Education falls short for girls, so they ‘lead’ performers (boys) must be part of the efforts to support the girls increase up the success ladder in education, and here we are to play our desired and much needed part, support Girl Child Education.

We don’t need to gather huge resources to do this, but that we have that pushes us up the ladder, only need to be halved to support the girl child next to us, hence our own financials, knowledge, time and commitment are the ones we need and here we have to support Girl Child Education.

The competition targets Primary pupils from different districts in Uganda through the help of their teachers and use of materials given to them and continued support to come up and compete through a series of debates with their peers in other schools concerning the Girl Child Education. The District Primaries will happen in June 6th-12th of which the best school per district will participate in the National Competition on 10th/October/2018.

Girls and Science: Can ‘Boys’ Champion the Journey?

It is Saturday evening and the sun is scorching hot. There are already only four‘boys’ waiting for the event to begin. The guest of honor has arrived and everything seems blurry. They sit there faces chocked with half smiles as they hold on a little bit longer. Promisingly members start flocking in. In 20 minutes, they were ready to begin. more

  GISI Project hosted on the Wise-Initiative Website. 

The Girls In School Initiative is a boy-led and boy-run community organisation that brings up the boys’ voice and support to girls’ education.

Gender disparities in education do not favour girls; so are the boys privileged? GISI brings boys to the front to support Girl Child Education. It gets boys involved in programs, activities and initiatives that aim at uplifting girls’ access to education by supporting the principles of enrollment, retention and completion of education by the girls. More

The 2nd Boy-Talk Moment on Girl Child Education.

The 2nd Boy-Talk Moment of Girl Child Education happened on 26th November 2016 at Dinners' Cafe on Ham Towers next to Makerere University Main Gate.
The Topic of discussion was 'Girls' Participation in Science subjects helps bridge the Gender disparity gap in the world of sciences: What's the role of boys?

We had our key note speaker, Madam Catherine Opondo, the Executive Director of Concern for the Girl Child (CGC), she even more than Inspired the Boys into the trend they have taken of supporting Girls' Education, she commended the deep enthusiasm that the boys have and her meeting the Boys who are Championing Girls' Education, was her wish come true because the gender stereo types in education have been break-en apart.
We thank you Madam Catherine and perhaps all your suggestions and insights, are to get a special sitting of GISI, to discuss how they can be actualized into reality and added as strategies we devise to further bring men and Boys on board towards supporting Girl Child Education.

And here came the general discussion on what the role of boys in supporting Girls' Education progress as regards sciences. Here you can find the pics and videos from the general discussion.
We also after the Boy-Talk had a round table discussion of the #16DAYS of activism on Gender Based Violence against women and girls. More photols here.

Walking the Talk: The 1st Boy-Talk Moment on Girl Child Education

In a modern world where everything these days seems to be about women and girls, one wonders why we still stand and call for “Girl Child Education” initiatives. The reason is so simple yet reaching it is very complicated. That reason has its roots in “Educate a mother, educate the Nation.” The idea is still very prominent or valid and given the Ugandan setting where patriarchy and institutional inequalities still dominates, talking about Girl Child Education is of paramount importance to bring to awareness or act as a reminder that there is still a lot that needs to be done ............... more

Our Articles About the Inspiration of GISI on other websites have been posted. 

Meet The Entrepreneur

Bashir is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about girl child education. As someone who has changed taken his BIG IDEA to the next step, he decided to share insights with The Innovation Village (TIV) about this and so much more.

TIV: Who is Bashir Magezi ?

Bashir : I am a teacher by profession and an investor in girl child education and is passionate about change through social entrepreneurship . I went to Nicaragwa ps, Natete muslims, Bulo  parents,Mpigi mixed ss and finally MUK doing Education majoring in Geography

TIV: What is your inspiration / Why Girl child education?

B: I got my inspiration from my mum a p4 leaver who struggled to send all her 8 children to school through agriculture and arts and crafts. My mum always wanted to send me to oxford university and that’s what i want to do,to help other girls realize that dream more

I Invest In Girl Child Education in Uganda.

According to the Statistical Abstract 2014 of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports, the Net Enrollment Ratio NER 97% of the Total population of the primary Going age in Uganda, 98% are female and 96% are Male. This indicates that girls accessing Primary Education are slightly higher than boys therefore attainment of gender parity between the male and female pupils as for every 100 pupils in primary, 50 were girls.

  • But then, of the total HIV and AIDS cases in primary enrollment which reaches to 0.4% of the total enrollment, Girls make 51.44% of this, which alone starts their education curve to descend.
  • Overall still, boys are more engaged in Co-curricular activities than girls with an average participation of 6.6% compared to 6.3% of the girls. more
Dose my community need me?

I was born here, I grew up from here, I studied from here, I learnt my first lessons from here, I made my first friends here, it’s the only place I understand most on earth because even when I sleep, I can explain the whole map of it, and tell the names of every one in it and everything there. Link more

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Some of the Photos of the 1st  Students' Art Competition on Girl Child Education 2016.

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