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Our Team.

Magezi Bashir.

Founder and CEO.

Njego Huzairu.

Co-founder and  Head of Finance and Administration

Sumayya Nalukooya

 Education Specialist and Liason Officer

Other Support Team.


Najib Ssekikubo

Media and Public Relations Officer. 

                                 Kivumbi Ibrahim. 
The Legal adviser and Offical Organisation Lawyer and Court representative

Our Background.

The idea is based on the promise of supporting girls have education made by the Founder and co-founder to their mother who struggled to have her 8 children complete school without the help of the husband.

The founder while at Makerere University joined and started programs that aimed at having the promise achieved, and in 2013 based on the personal information shared, Women Deliver International offered him an all-expenses paid scholarship to attend the 3rd Global Women Deliver Conference in Kuala lumpar Malaysia.

From there a more to the point initiative had to be established, and in December 2014 we brought about the idea of GIS Initiative to support the major 3 stages in Girls’ Education of ERC.

Our Mission.

To see a world where all girls not only have an equal right to Education, but also have the right fulfilled.

Our Strategic Objectives.

  • To support all girls enrolled to school even the much marginalized ones.
  • To remove all barriers to a girl’s retention in school.
  • To join the girl child at her graduation ceremony.

Our Approach. 

We work on the ERC principles of;

E – Enrollment.

(To be put in the flip/flop) “Although enrollment in most cases involve 100% to even girls in school, efforts to advocate for more focused and less biased enrollment needs support and consistency in all communities and to all children even the highly marginalized ones.”

R – Retention.

“Advocating for the importance and relevancy of girls staying in school and fighting the surge of drop outs so as to attain 100% staying in school for girls just like the boys”

C - Completion

“An imagined world where all the girls enrolled in school, also enjoy the joy of their graduation parties.”

Sekamwa Hussein

Head of Programs and projects.