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Our Work

Students' Competitions

  1. Annual Student Centered Competitions themed on the GIS’s ‘ERC’ principles..

  • The Art Competition.

The Secondary School Students' Art Competition on Girl Child Child Education.
This has started.
Find Details Here.

  • The Debate Competition.

Pupils' Debate Competition on Girl Child Education.
The First Annual East African Students' Debate Competition on Girl Child Education is here for 2018. 

Students' Scholastic Advocacy

  • Business focused production of Scholastic materials for students like books, pens, pencils etc. with simple to understand ‘ERC’ principled advocacy massages.

  • Here we produce products like books, pens, and other materials.

  • The materials are all sold with a percentage profit saving for supporting the girls be in school. This is through saving 100 Ugandan Shillings for every book sold so as to support the needy girls who lack scholastic materials.

Material and Financial Support.

  • Many girls would have all the opportunities and wills to be in school, but lack the materials to support them be. It’s here that we come in to offer what little our savings can give us to help her stay and complete school.

This comes from “The 100 Uganda Shillings for her, per book sold campaign.”

  • On average, a secondary school girl needs 1 dozen of Black Books (36,000) a year and 1 dozen of pens (6,000) and pencils (1,200). A total of 43,000/= for every girl a year, if 10,000 books are sold a year, its 1,000,000/= for her it means 23 highly in need girls will be supported to stay in school. And when the sales grow, so more girls will be supported.

Community Centered Advocacy/ The Boys' Voice.

This is where the community joins/meets for topical dialogue sessions to find ways to support girls’ education, named “The Boy Talk Moment” based on our slogan. ‘where boys help’
  • These are monthly sessions organized with participation of all categories of members of the community with a concern to help her be, stay and complete school, the topics for discussion are derived from the ERC principle settings, aims and objectives.
  • Periodically, where it needs community’s leaders and change makers, they are all invited and the ides flow.
     Click below for Schedule of events.

    Call for Debate Adjudicator volunteers.

    The First Annual East African Student's Debate Competition on Girl Child Education is here by unveiled for the year 2018, a full concept note for the competitions can be seen here.

    • The full Adjudicator Guideline information document can be seen here.

    • And the Application Form can be downloaded here. 

    Campaigns Involved in.

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